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Pre and Postnatal Pilates

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Pilates for Pregnancy

Since I was pregnant with my children, 3 sons now aged 21, 23 and 235, a lot has changed with hospital birthing procedures. Imagine! Now while you are in hospital waiting to deliver your baby, you may sit on a birthing ball instead of lying in a bed! We have learned a lot over the years.

My Pre and Post Natal Pilates Workbook contains safe and effective exercises that you can do during pregnancy and for the first 6 weeks after pregnancy.

In this book, I show you how Pilates
can help with childbirth.

And get started on your healthy pregnancy!

You will learn

  • how to maintain muscle strength
  • when to release muscles to encourage childbirth, and
  • exercises you can ease into after childbirth to regain your figure and maintain vitality.

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Is this book right for me? Can I really exercise during and after my pregnancy?

You bet! Pilates exercises can help you both before, during and after childbirth by strengthening the muscles around the prenium, low back and abdominals. Find postures that make it easier for you and baby to be comfortable. Learn to control your muscles to ease the stress of birthing. Strengthen your core to make it easier to carry baby once he or she is born.

Still not sure if these exercises are right for you?

We want you to be comfortable with your pre and post natal exercise regime. We believe Pre and Post Natal Pilates can help you prepare for, and recover from pregnancy.

To show you how easy it is to get fit and stay fit through this exciting stage in your life, DOWNLOAD A FREE CHAPTER to see how we've made the exercises easy to follow.

Karen Toth, author of Pre and Post Natal Pilates has selected dozens of exercises that she uses with her clients. In this FREE CHAPTER, we show you

  • how to breathe easy
  • how to sit more comfortably
  • how to relieve tension in your back
  • improve your posture and
  • make more room for baby by lengthening the spine.

Five exercise in all, for free!

Each exercise has space for you to add notes and comments from your doctor. Each exercise also contains Karen's notes concerning do's and don'ts as you practise.

Pre and Post Natal Pilates is available now at Stretch Your Life Studio,, or

Order Online through Paypal!
Just $19.95
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Order copies of the book by sending an email or give us a phonecall at 519.741.1449

Book Signings:

Chapters: Nov. 14 from 1 - 3 pm 
135 Gateway Park Drive, Kitchener,
Ontario N2P 2J9 Canada
(519) 650-2553

Note: It is important that your doctor approve of you performing exercise before you begin any fitness regime.


Join Karen Toth for a "Stress Free Pregnancy" or "Strong abs and Back Postnatal" Workshop?

Pilates for Pregnancy Studio Work at Stretch Your Life Studio

Pre Natal Pilates includes safe exercises designed for the mother to be. There's a built-in relaxation time for your well-being.

We recommend you do 2 private sessions before joining classes. Classes are integrated on Tuesday at 7:00 pm.



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